Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hey Mom! I'm just gonna jump right into it cause I don't have a ton of time haha.

So another transfer has come and gone. This is crazy I'm done being trained finally and now I guess I'm gonna be training a new missionary fresh off the plane haha. So honestly I am really nervous but I am also really excited. This is gonna be really fun being the senior companion so I'm motivated to get a bunch of work done. It's been a little tough cause we weren't able to get a lot done just a hand full of lessons so I don't have a ton to report on. We are now teaching Carmen the new member lessons and she is loving it. It's gonna be hard saying goodbye to Elder Prescott but we both are gonna be playing new roles. 

Please email me any questions or updates you want to hear haha, next email will be huge due to all that will be taking place. Love you all!

Elder Litster

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