Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hey Mom!!

So sorry this is kinda a late letter but better late than never right?? There's a bunch I want to share so hopefully I can remember it all haha.

Elder Orzel...
 To start off I guess ill introduce my new companion. His name is Elder Orzel, and he is a very interesting character to say the least. He is actually older than me by a couple months and we are very different in literally every way.... He is a only child and so he thinks it's weird when I talk about my siblings haha. For fun I guess he used to do WW2 reenacting and would train with sword play. He also is very into martial arts and keeps begging me to teach him ground game so we will see cause I don't know how I feel about wrestling him haha. He is a very sweet spirit and has a huge desire to serve the Lord. I think he will need a little more extra help with learning how to teach but I have 100% confidence in him.

Freaking Bikes....
 Hahaha so the bikes aren't that bad actually I'm just complaining and being a baby. The thing that sucks though is we don't live in our area so whenever we want to go anywhere we first have to move a few miles and then we hit our places to go. The other thing that doesn’t help is the upcoming weather....

District Leader...
 Well District Leader is actually the least of my worries. At first I was really stressed and wondering if I was ready for it but it's been fine so far and having a district full of sisters is kinda
different haha. I'm what you would call a 'relief society president’ lol. Anyways it's been pretty smooth so far I have a meeting with the zone leaders once a week and then give a district meeting and also will check up on each companionship and see how they are doing. Not too bad honestly haha.

Starting from Ground Zero...
 So my biggest concern is at the moment white washing an area (again) but this time I'm literally starting from big old ZERO... Like there literally was no work getting done here and there hasn't been a recorded lesson in this area for months so yeah I essentially burned through the area book and am starting from scratch cause it's just unacceptable. Oh and we spent our first couple days cleaning the apartment which was a disaster and so we yesterday got rid of all the mold so I'm pretty stoked about that:)

All in all I still count this all as zero excuses to not get the Lord's work done. Elder Jackson and President McMurray both have said that this sounds like a growing transfer for me and I couldn't agree more haha. I know there was a reason I was put with Elder Orzel as well as being put in this area the Casper 2nd Ward. I love being a missionary and I can't wait to get the work progressing even more. As of now we have a few appointments set up for the week that we got from ward members help or tracting and I can say this we will have a lot more tracting to do but I'm excited for the challenge.

I love you all so much


Elder Litster

Snopp Dogg in Casper, WY

Elder Litster and Elder Orzel

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