Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hey Family and friends!

So I knew this would come eventually but I was really wishing to be able to stay in Rawlins one more transfer so that I could spend the holidays here with all the people I've gotten to know so well out here but it will be okay. I have been called to be a district leader and to train a new missionary which means I will be white washing a new area again so this might be a challenging transfer but I have faith I was called here for a reason so it will be good I am sure of it.

    It still hasn't snowed out here (thankfully) but it is expected to very soon like this week so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Elder Jenson is a little nervous about me leaving and getting a new companion so quickly but I know he will do great. 

   I heard Trump won which is pretty interesting and it was kinda funny cause at church was fast and testimony meeting (it got pushed back a week) but anyways, there were clearly some people here that were really....concerned and some others that were really happy but finally a youth got up and said that it doesn't matter because God still loves us and will take care of everything and then sat down. Total mic drop moment I started laughing really hard and thought it was so awesome that a youth said it.

   We have been teaching quite a few people and this week we got 20 lessons in which is a mission high for me haha. Samantha Koyle made it to church with her husband and she will be getting baptized in a couple weeks which is amazing. We also saw Keana at church with the Archuleta's, Hope was at church as well but Mel couldn't make it cause he was really sick. Jose who is the coolest guy ever came as well. He keeps telling me he will visit me in Casper and take me to the mall and get me and my comp whatever haha. I love him to death.

   So as of today I am just going around with this big journal I got and am having a bunch of people I got close with sign it so that I can remember them. I am calling it I will finish my mission here and if that can happen I will be the happiest human on the face of the planet. 

   I also just wanted to share my testimony. So the things Iv'e been seeing out here and the experiences I have been having are not by chance, I know that the Lord loves each and everyone of us and I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is another testiment of Christ. If any of you have heard bad things about it all i have to say is just read it and read in the back of the book Moroni 10:3-5. In those verses all it says to just read a little bit and then to pray and ask God himself if the book is true or not and that the spirit will testify to you if it is or not. It's not the words pf anyone here on earth that can answer it but the spirit itself.

   I love you all very much and know that I am out here for a purpose and I am so happy to be doing so.

I hope to hear from you amazing people.

Love Elder Robert Litster

(my ipad got messed up so I am waiting to get it back and then ill send all the pictures)

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