Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I feel like it's been forever since I wrote you and I am very sorry about that! I would love to hear details about Alisa's wedding and your experience in Africa. Lots of pictures too please:)

So the last two weeks have been filled with a ton of stuff haha. I have to say Rawlins was very good to me for my birthday I truly enjoyed it out here with these wonderful people I've been able to grow close with. Special shout outs to the Rodriguez family and Fale of course. Maria and her kids, they've been so sweet to me. And the Arnold's and the Green's families. They all made me feel special for my birthday and I love them all for it very much.

Let's see two weeks is a lot to cover so I'll just share the big stuff haha, um Elder Jenson and I have been getting along quite well. Elder Jenson out someone in date last week with a little 
help from me haha but yeah her name is Samantha and she is super ready to be baptized. The spirit we feel when she talks is unreal. Ummm so we are super close to hitting our missions standard of excellence which is pretty hard and I don't know if I'll ever be this close to hitting it all again haha. We right now have 6 people on date right now and so I'm excited to see how they play out!!

Halloween was so much fun let me tell you haha. So missionaries from Laramie came up to hang out with us for our mandatory P Day and it was a ton of fun being together and then hanging with the Arnold's and Green's for trick or treating and all that.

We also had interviews like 4 days ago and President McMurray pretty much said we will stay together as a companionship one more transfer so looks like I'll be hitting 6 months in my area! I e decided I really want to finish my mission here in Rawlins. It would be way cool considering how well I know everyone here now haha.

Anyways I am grateful to be doing the Lord's work and I know He is proud of me and I am continually trying to be a better man and better missionary. I love you all and hope that I can hear back from you all.


Elder Robert Litster
Elder Litster's birthday!

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