Tuesday, December 20, 2016



It's official I have a son haha and his name is Elder Jenson. This guy is awesome I'm so relieved that we are getting along so well. I'm not gonna lie I was super nervous and was praying a ton hoping that I would be able to handle being a trainer and to be good at it too. So far it's been going pretty well and I'm very much loving it.

Monday-  We spent the day in Laradise and I got to hand with Elder Underwood and Elder Wilwand and their greenies and I had a lot of fun exploring and playing basketball. That pretty much sums up that day.

Tuesday- So we packed up our stuff and drove all the way down to Fort Collins and that was fun. We got to see Justin Steele there so shout out to you buddy!! He took us to lunch and it was so good to see a familiar face! After we said bye to him we went straight to the mission office and that is where I got to meet Elder Jenson. Saying goodbye to Elder Prescott was pretty hard cause of how well we got along but it was bound to happen. Seeing all the new missionaries was so weird cause I feel like that was me yesterday haha I mean like yeah I've only been out a couple months but still haha it was interesting. After picking up Elder Jenson I was able to meet up with my good friend Elder Mills one of my friends I came out with and that was sweet! We were able to get to Rawlins around 10:30 that night and we were exhausted.

Wednesday-  was the first day for Elder Jenson in the field and it was pretty good I'd say. We got a couple lessons in and I was given to chance to do some training with him which we will be doing every morning for him. It was a bit of a learning process for both of us but it went well and it will continue to get better. He needs a little work with his teaching but I'm not worried one bit.

Thursday-  Thursday was really fun we were able to have a district meeting which was fun seeing Elder Pennington and Elder Vosika. After the meeting we had lunch and then had to run off to service at the DDA helping out at the downtown office (they put together the city events) After that we taught Carmen her recent convert lesson and met with Maria to talk with her son who she wants us to teach.

Friday-  Friday was kinda a slow day, we went tracting and contacting quite a bit and set up a bunch of lessons which was good. We did get a lesson in with Huciel and it was super nice being able to see that guy he is super nice. Training is going good so far and Elder Jenson is opening up and kinda showing his personality and he is pretty funny/sarcastic/clever.

Saturday- Saturday was a blast! Haha we got to meet with Laura the lady who has a super nice house and feeds us all the time! She's doing good and told us how happy and appreciative she is of us. Later on we met Kevin and Logan Monson at the park and threw the football around with them and then taught them the first discussion so that was sweet! See football brings people together lol. After that we had dinner with the Arnold's and the Green's and man I love those families so much. Mom Sister Arnold and Green wanted your number to ask what to make me for my birthday haha but yeah they are my favorite families and I love being with them for dinners or like the football games and all that.

Sunday-  FREAKING AMAZING DAY! We picked up 5 new investigators at church taught the 1st discussion to a mom and her son and have a appointment set up with another family. I am so happy I can't even say how much haha. I am so grateful and know that we will have to work hard to make the most of this but this is gonna be a very good transfer. 

Overall being a trainer so far has been super fun. Calling the shots is interspersing and like I am so excited for what's to come. I love you all so much and hope that I can hear from you all.

Love Elder Litster

Robert is a dad!!!

Elder Litster and Elder Mills

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