Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

So this week has been full of ups and down's but overall a solid week!

Tuesday we went tracting and got to experience some of the elements and it was a whole lot of fun.  We also went to contact a few past investigators but none of them answered so that was a bummer. What was fun was doing the service for Brother Penman again and seeing how he was doing. After that we went over to Carmen's and taught her about enduring to the end and when the times are hard that our faith grows the most. She then made us a bomb dinner consisting of like authentic Mexican food which I haven't had in forever.

Wednesday we had service at the Rec Center.  We helped put down these tarp things in the baseball fields and it was freezing:(! After that we had to rush back to the church and change for district meeting which was fun. We then had lunch at our place and then did exchanges so I stayed in Rawlins with District Leader Pennington while we put our two greenies together Elders Vosika and Jenson.  Elder Pennington and I went and did a bunch of contacting and actually were able to sit down and have a lesson with a inactive we've been trying to contact for the longest time, so I am thoroughly happy about that. Later that night something really random and very surprising happened. I got a call from a Montana number and when I saw that I had an idea but then answered it and as I thought...it was freaking SISTER SHOEMAKER!   Hahaha it was so funny and delightful hearing her and what was even awesomer, was that she had a referral for me so overall my night was made by that haha.

Thursday we had service in the morning at the DDA and then had to drive up to Saratoga to drop off Pennington and pick up Jenson. The rest of the day was devoted to finding so yeah, kinda a long day.

Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday, so yeah another tough day without a lot of success.

Saturday was way fun.  We got to go help some members and some of our investigators chop wood and load it up for this older lady and then we did a lesson with our investigation that came to help. 

Sunday we had church for both wards, so yeah that is tiring and we taught a lesson in Gospel Principles which was fun. 

So yeah that was my week.  Not the most exciting but it was still good! Yeah my birthday is coming up by the way, and I'm not looking for stuff but hearing from you folks really does lift my spirits no matter what I'm doing and definitely brings a smile to my face.  So hope to hear from you!

Love Elder Litster

Tasty chef Litster

Wood chopping service

Elder Jenson is king

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