Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hey Mom!! 

This has been a way fun week so I should have some good stuff to talk about.

So Monday was pretty fun.  We hung out with some elders that we are getting to know from doing service together.  We got lunch and then got to check out the mall again.  We went thrift shopping too, and I got us a bunch of plates and utensils since we don't have like any!

On Tuesday we had exchanges so I went with our zone leader Elder Shepherd, and Elder Orzel stayed with Elder Reiswig in our area. It was soooooo fun teaching people in the YSA.  (Young Single Adult Ward.)  It was all people our age! For dinner we had this recent return missionary take us to the Asian buffet and that's where I tried the crab/shrimp thing.  Yeah it was a bad idea..... My favorite part of the day was that we had a car all day and I loved it. Oh they also have a full legit bench press set in their apartment and so in the morning I took advantage of it and got up at 5 to work out. Elder Shepherd thought I was crazy.

For Wednesday it was back to our normal routine....we went tracting.......for like 4-5 hours....in -20 degrees and I loved it!!!! As soon as we got out the door I told Elder Orzel “let's go make memories.” We didn't get anyone to open up for more then a few moments but I just had such a positive attitude and I enjoyed it! So a funny story, when we were going back home this guy pulled over and offered us a ride.  At first I tried saying we were fine. He insisted, so then we decided to get in.  He was driving us and was kind of crazy with his driving.  He went on to tell us that he was not familiar with the car and he served 10 years in federal prison.  He kind of got mad when he found out we were missionaries. He then proceeded to hit a curb and slid on the ice.  Then he said, “Oh I’m sorry, I've been drinking quite a bit.” I thought okay forget this, I’m out. We made it home soon thankfully, so don't worry haha.

Fast forward to Friday.  ZONE CONFERENCE! It was so fun seeing the whole zone together.  I really enjoyed it. We received a bunch of training from our mission president and the assistants, and the spirit was so strong. So yeah, that sums up that day.

It really has been cool seeing the Christmas lights go up, and everyone is way nicer during the holidays so all I ask is everyone try to do something for someone and share the Christlike love! You have no idea the effect it can have on others.

I love you all so much!


Elder Robert Litster ❤️

Flat tire again lol

Ft. Collins Temple sunset

Zone Conference same timers

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