Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hey Mom!!!

 So I am right now sending this from the library just because I can type faster with it but don't worry I have my ipad now and can send a bunch of pictures. Any new updates?? What are the plans for Christmas??

We are going to have a district P Day with the sisters the week before Christmas and it's going to be super fun.  We have a bunch of stuff planned. The holidays away from home are a little weird but I still was able to enjoy it. So the ward (Casper 2nd) is home to all of the doctors and dentist so it really is one of the nicer areas. But anyway, the members that feed us have such good food and the houses are way cool. I'm going to start offering to put up Christmas lights for everyone so that we can get more service in haha (shout out to Butch and Pam).

Thanksgiving was pretty fun we had dinner with this way fun family and they had a bunch of guitars so we sang songs afterwards. 

This past week has had a lot of ups and downs but hey that's the mission life. Well let's be real that is life in general. So we have spent a lot of time on bikes outside and I’ll try and send a video of us one of our nights but we'll see if it sends. It is way cold let me tell you haha, and the wind is brutal and I’m just a poor kid from SoCal so I’m doomed right?? SIKE.  I’m adapting slowly but surely. When it’s in the high 40s low 50s I could be out in short sleeves and shorts because to me that’s pretty warm now. 

Not a whole lot has happened except meeting with a bunch of less actives but they all have been great. This one family is all about wrestling and the dad wants me to help train the boys so I said that we will see but first let's get some lessons in. I hope all is well back home and that you all are enjoying the California weather. 

I love you a ton and will be looking forward to hearing from you all.


Elder Litster
Elder Litster's going away party in Rawlins, WY

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