Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hey family and friends,

  So this week has been interesting that's for sure. We were able to
kill it in service this week which was a real blessing. We got to help out at this food warehouse that gives away food to people in need called Joshua's Storehouse.  It honestly is a lot of fun helping out there, so we helped out like every other day there for a couple hours.  It's funny how nice everyone gets during the holidays and how grateful they all are, but hey I'm not going to complain. But I think we should all try to be like that year round.

   I've been making Elder Orzel teach every possible lesson even the
dinner lessons as well as when we go contacting.  It's been pretty rough, but the last two days he was killing it and I am so proud! We had a really good meeting with the ward council and got a good list of potentials they want us to try to reach, as well as part member families  and less actives.  I am so excited for the direction the work is going. I actually am helping the bishop and ward mission leader come up with a ward mission goal for 2017 and it's kind of a lot of pressure. But they really want me to help, so I've been doing that too at the meetings we go to.

   District meeting was way fun. I'm getting better at the trainings I give, (I hope so).   Afterwards we celebrated sister Thomas's 21st birthday with sparkling cider. She goes home the day after Christmas and we are so sad to be losing her:((((

   The rest of the district missionaries are way cool. They each have really chill personalities as well as a good sense of humor so it's made being the district leader very easy and I am so thankful for that. The weekend kind of sucked because I finally got sick enough to the point I needed to stay in for a day. I've been dealing with headaches, colds, minor flu, but this time it got the better of me. I'm good to go now though.  Staying inside literally killed me.

That's about all I got for this week hope I can hear from y'all!


Elder Robert Litster

Bike pump

Mission meal

Elder Litster - Snow Missionary

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