Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hey Mom!! 

This has been a way fun week so I should have some good stuff to talk about.

So Monday was pretty fun.  We hung out with some elders that we are getting to know from doing service together.  We got lunch and then got to check out the mall again.  We went thrift shopping too, and I got us a bunch of plates and utensils since we don't have like any!

On Tuesday we had exchanges so I went with our zone leader Elder Shepherd, and Elder Orzel stayed with Elder Reiswig in our area. It was soooooo fun teaching people in the YSA.  (Young Single Adult Ward.)  It was all people our age! For dinner we had this recent return missionary take us to the Asian buffet and that's where I tried the crab/shrimp thing.  Yeah it was a bad idea..... My favorite part of the day was that we had a car all day and I loved it. Oh they also have a full legit bench press set in their apartment and so in the morning I took advantage of it and got up at 5 to work out. Elder Shepherd thought I was crazy.

For Wednesday it was back to our normal routine....we went tracting.......for like 4-5 hours....in -20 degrees and I loved it!!!! As soon as we got out the door I told Elder Orzel “let's go make memories.” We didn't get anyone to open up for more then a few moments but I just had such a positive attitude and I enjoyed it! So a funny story, when we were going back home this guy pulled over and offered us a ride.  At first I tried saying we were fine. He insisted, so then we decided to get in.  He was driving us and was kind of crazy with his driving.  He went on to tell us that he was not familiar with the car and he served 10 years in federal prison.  He kind of got mad when he found out we were missionaries. He then proceeded to hit a curb and slid on the ice.  Then he said, “Oh I’m sorry, I've been drinking quite a bit.” I thought okay forget this, I’m out. We made it home soon thankfully, so don't worry haha.

Fast forward to Friday.  ZONE CONFERENCE! It was so fun seeing the whole zone together.  I really enjoyed it. We received a bunch of training from our mission president and the assistants, and the spirit was so strong. So yeah, that sums up that day.

It really has been cool seeing the Christmas lights go up, and everyone is way nicer during the holidays so all I ask is everyone try to do something for someone and share the Christlike love! You have no idea the effect it can have on others.

I love you all so much!


Elder Robert Litster ❤️

Flat tire again lol

Ft. Collins Temple sunset

Zone Conference same timers


Hey family and friends,

  So this week has been interesting that's for sure. We were able to
kill it in service this week which was a real blessing. We got to help out at this food warehouse that gives away food to people in need called Joshua's Storehouse.  It honestly is a lot of fun helping out there, so we helped out like every other day there for a couple hours.  It's funny how nice everyone gets during the holidays and how grateful they all are, but hey I'm not going to complain. But I think we should all try to be like that year round.

   I've been making Elder Orzel teach every possible lesson even the
dinner lessons as well as when we go contacting.  It's been pretty rough, but the last two days he was killing it and I am so proud! We had a really good meeting with the ward council and got a good list of potentials they want us to try to reach, as well as part member families  and less actives.  I am so excited for the direction the work is going. I actually am helping the bishop and ward mission leader come up with a ward mission goal for 2017 and it's kind of a lot of pressure. But they really want me to help, so I've been doing that too at the meetings we go to.

   District meeting was way fun. I'm getting better at the trainings I give, (I hope so).   Afterwards we celebrated sister Thomas's 21st birthday with sparkling cider. She goes home the day after Christmas and we are so sad to be losing her:((((

   The rest of the district missionaries are way cool. They each have really chill personalities as well as a good sense of humor so it's made being the district leader very easy and I am so thankful for that. The weekend kind of sucked because I finally got sick enough to the point I needed to stay in for a day. I've been dealing with headaches, colds, minor flu, but this time it got the better of me. I'm good to go now though.  Staying inside literally killed me.

That's about all I got for this week hope I can hear from y'all!


Elder Robert Litster

Bike pump

Mission meal

Elder Litster - Snow Missionary


Hey Mom!!!

 So I am right now sending this from the library just because I can type faster with it but don't worry I have my ipad now and can send a bunch of pictures. Any new updates?? What are the plans for Christmas??

We are going to have a district P Day with the sisters the week before Christmas and it's going to be super fun.  We have a bunch of stuff planned. The holidays away from home are a little weird but I still was able to enjoy it. So the ward (Casper 2nd) is home to all of the doctors and dentist so it really is one of the nicer areas. But anyway, the members that feed us have such good food and the houses are way cool. I'm going to start offering to put up Christmas lights for everyone so that we can get more service in haha (shout out to Butch and Pam).

Thanksgiving was pretty fun we had dinner with this way fun family and they had a bunch of guitars so we sang songs afterwards. 

This past week has had a lot of ups and downs but hey that's the mission life. Well let's be real that is life in general. So we have spent a lot of time on bikes outside and I’ll try and send a video of us one of our nights but we'll see if it sends. It is way cold let me tell you haha, and the wind is brutal and I’m just a poor kid from SoCal so I’m doomed right?? SIKE.  I’m adapting slowly but surely. When it’s in the high 40s low 50s I could be out in short sleeves and shorts because to me that’s pretty warm now. 

Not a whole lot has happened except meeting with a bunch of less actives but they all have been great. This one family is all about wrestling and the dad wants me to help train the boys so I said that we will see but first let's get some lessons in. I hope all is well back home and that you all are enjoying the California weather. 

I love you a ton and will be looking forward to hearing from you all.


Elder Litster
Elder Litster's going away party in Rawlins, WY


Hey Mom!!

So sorry this is kinda a late letter but better late than never right?? There's a bunch I want to share so hopefully I can remember it all haha.

Elder Orzel...
 To start off I guess ill introduce my new companion. His name is Elder Orzel, and he is a very interesting character to say the least. He is actually older than me by a couple months and we are very different in literally every way.... He is a only child and so he thinks it's weird when I talk about my siblings haha. For fun I guess he used to do WW2 reenacting and would train with sword play. He also is very into martial arts and keeps begging me to teach him ground game so we will see cause I don't know how I feel about wrestling him haha. He is a very sweet spirit and has a huge desire to serve the Lord. I think he will need a little more extra help with learning how to teach but I have 100% confidence in him.

Freaking Bikes....
 Hahaha so the bikes aren't that bad actually I'm just complaining and being a baby. The thing that sucks though is we don't live in our area so whenever we want to go anywhere we first have to move a few miles and then we hit our places to go. The other thing that doesn’t help is the upcoming weather....

District Leader...
 Well District Leader is actually the least of my worries. At first I was really stressed and wondering if I was ready for it but it's been fine so far and having a district full of sisters is kinda
different haha. I'm what you would call a 'relief society president’ lol. Anyways it's been pretty smooth so far I have a meeting with the zone leaders once a week and then give a district meeting and also will check up on each companionship and see how they are doing. Not too bad honestly haha.

Starting from Ground Zero...
 So my biggest concern is at the moment white washing an area (again) but this time I'm literally starting from big old ZERO... Like there literally was no work getting done here and there hasn't been a recorded lesson in this area for months so yeah I essentially burned through the area book and am starting from scratch cause it's just unacceptable. Oh and we spent our first couple days cleaning the apartment which was a disaster and so we yesterday got rid of all the mold so I'm pretty stoked about that:)

All in all I still count this all as zero excuses to not get the Lord's work done. Elder Jackson and President McMurray both have said that this sounds like a growing transfer for me and I couldn't agree more haha. I know there was a reason I was put with Elder Orzel as well as being put in this area the Casper 2nd Ward. I love being a missionary and I can't wait to get the work progressing even more. As of now we have a few appointments set up for the week that we got from ward members help or tracting and I can say this we will have a lot more tracting to do but I'm excited for the challenge.

I love you all so much


Elder Litster

Snopp Dogg in Casper, WY

Elder Litster and Elder Orzel


Hey Family and friends!

So I knew this would come eventually but I was really wishing to be able to stay in Rawlins one more transfer so that I could spend the holidays here with all the people I've gotten to know so well out here but it will be okay. I have been called to be a district leader and to train a new missionary which means I will be white washing a new area again so this might be a challenging transfer but I have faith I was called here for a reason so it will be good I am sure of it.

    It still hasn't snowed out here (thankfully) but it is expected to very soon like this week so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Elder Jenson is a little nervous about me leaving and getting a new companion so quickly but I know he will do great. 

   I heard Trump won which is pretty interesting and it was kinda funny cause at church was fast and testimony meeting (it got pushed back a week) but anyways, there were clearly some people here that were really....concerned and some others that were really happy but finally a youth got up and said that it doesn't matter because God still loves us and will take care of everything and then sat down. Total mic drop moment I started laughing really hard and thought it was so awesome that a youth said it.

   We have been teaching quite a few people and this week we got 20 lessons in which is a mission high for me haha. Samantha Koyle made it to church with her husband and she will be getting baptized in a couple weeks which is amazing. We also saw Keana at church with the Archuleta's, Hope was at church as well but Mel couldn't make it cause he was really sick. Jose who is the coolest guy ever came as well. He keeps telling me he will visit me in Casper and take me to the mall and get me and my comp whatever haha. I love him to death.

   So as of today I am just going around with this big journal I got and am having a bunch of people I got close with sign it so that I can remember them. I am calling it I will finish my mission here and if that can happen I will be the happiest human on the face of the planet. 

   I also just wanted to share my testimony. So the things Iv'e been seeing out here and the experiences I have been having are not by chance, I know that the Lord loves each and everyone of us and I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is another testiment of Christ. If any of you have heard bad things about it all i have to say is just read it and read in the back of the book Moroni 10:3-5. In those verses all it says to just read a little bit and then to pray and ask God himself if the book is true or not and that the spirit will testify to you if it is or not. It's not the words pf anyone here on earth that can answer it but the spirit itself.

   I love you all very much and know that I am out here for a purpose and I am so happy to be doing so.

I hope to hear from you amazing people.

Love Elder Robert Litster

(my ipad got messed up so I am waiting to get it back and then ill send all the pictures)


I feel like it's been forever since I wrote you and I am very sorry about that! I would love to hear details about Alisa's wedding and your experience in Africa. Lots of pictures too please:)

So the last two weeks have been filled with a ton of stuff haha. I have to say Rawlins was very good to me for my birthday I truly enjoyed it out here with these wonderful people I've been able to grow close with. Special shout outs to the Rodriguez family and Fale of course. Maria and her kids, they've been so sweet to me. And the Arnold's and the Green's families. They all made me feel special for my birthday and I love them all for it very much.

Let's see two weeks is a lot to cover so I'll just share the big stuff haha, um Elder Jenson and I have been getting along quite well. Elder Jenson out someone in date last week with a little 
help from me haha but yeah her name is Samantha and she is super ready to be baptized. The spirit we feel when she talks is unreal. Ummm so we are super close to hitting our missions standard of excellence which is pretty hard and I don't know if I'll ever be this close to hitting it all again haha. We right now have 6 people on date right now and so I'm excited to see how they play out!!

Halloween was so much fun let me tell you haha. So missionaries from Laramie came up to hang out with us for our mandatory P Day and it was a ton of fun being together and then hanging with the Arnold's and Green's for trick or treating and all that.

We also had interviews like 4 days ago and President McMurray pretty much said we will stay together as a companionship one more transfer so looks like I'll be hitting 6 months in my area! I e decided I really want to finish my mission here in Rawlins. It would be way cool considering how well I know everyone here now haha.

Anyways I am grateful to be doing the Lord's work and I know He is proud of me and I am continually trying to be a better man and better missionary. I love you all and hope that I can hear back from you all.


Elder Robert Litster
Elder Litster's birthday!


Dear Family and Friends,

So this week has been full of ups and down's but overall a solid week!

Tuesday we went tracting and got to experience some of the elements and it was a whole lot of fun.  We also went to contact a few past investigators but none of them answered so that was a bummer. What was fun was doing the service for Brother Penman again and seeing how he was doing. After that we went over to Carmen's and taught her about enduring to the end and when the times are hard that our faith grows the most. She then made us a bomb dinner consisting of like authentic Mexican food which I haven't had in forever.

Wednesday we had service at the Rec Center.  We helped put down these tarp things in the baseball fields and it was freezing:(! After that we had to rush back to the church and change for district meeting which was fun. We then had lunch at our place and then did exchanges so I stayed in Rawlins with District Leader Pennington while we put our two greenies together Elders Vosika and Jenson.  Elder Pennington and I went and did a bunch of contacting and actually were able to sit down and have a lesson with a inactive we've been trying to contact for the longest time, so I am thoroughly happy about that. Later that night something really random and very surprising happened. I got a call from a Montana number and when I saw that I had an idea but then answered it and as I thought...it was freaking SISTER SHOEMAKER!   Hahaha it was so funny and delightful hearing her and what was even awesomer, was that she had a referral for me so overall my night was made by that haha.

Thursday we had service in the morning at the DDA and then had to drive up to Saratoga to drop off Pennington and pick up Jenson. The rest of the day was devoted to finding so yeah, kinda a long day.

Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday, so yeah another tough day without a lot of success.

Saturday was way fun.  We got to go help some members and some of our investigators chop wood and load it up for this older lady and then we did a lesson with our investigation that came to help. 

Sunday we had church for both wards, so yeah that is tiring and we taught a lesson in Gospel Principles which was fun. 

So yeah that was my week.  Not the most exciting but it was still good! Yeah my birthday is coming up by the way, and I'm not looking for stuff but hearing from you folks really does lift my spirits no matter what I'm doing and definitely brings a smile to my face.  So hope to hear from you!

Love Elder Litster

Tasty chef Litster

Wood chopping service

Elder Jenson is king


New Guys Putting In Work!!!

First off it snowed for a little bit twice this week but it didn't stay thankfully haha. I'm like so nervous for this winter it's supposed to be terrible this year and the wind has really been picking up so #prayforelderlitster

So this week has been really fun with Elder Jenson I must say. He is a very interesting kid to say the least. To give a quick background he is originally from San Diego but has been living in Philadelphia for the last couple of years. He is a total hipster/awkward/funny guy. He's totally a fresh out of high school 18 year old kid though like yeah I'm only a year or so older than him but he's totally concerned about what's happening back home with his girlfriend or social media and all that stuff but it's all good he's still new so I'm sure he'll grow out of that. He doesn't have a ton of confidence when it comes to teaching still but it's fine I'm just drilling him with role plays and stuff like that haha it's been a lot of fun.

So on Tuesday we got to do some service with Brother Penman who is still hanging in there at 93 and man he is a funny guy. He has us feed the squirrels and birds in his back yard and it is so funny how that's like super important to him. After that we did a bunch of contacting and setting up appointments and all that. In the evening we drove out to Wamsutter to visit the Carrillo Family and taught their kids the 1st discussion. At the end I had a strong impression to invite them to be baptized so I gave Elder Jenson the signal to do it and he just looked so confused and I was like ' Yeah and Elder Jenson was wondering something and wanted to ask you all a question' and like 5 minutes of awkward silence went by so finally after kinda laughing I invited them to be baptized and they all said yes so I am super excited for them.

Wednesday we had to drive out to Casper for our trainers meeting which was really good for us. We were able to learn a lot and how to be a affective companionship so that was sweet. After wards we went to lunch with some missionaries knew from either meeting at mission tour or they were from the group that came out with me. 

Thursday we had a long day in Laramie for our Zone Meeting. Im not gonna lie I was getting impatient with the fact we spent two whole days in different cities instead of our own area getting to work but it was alright I enjoyed seeing the other missionaries.

Friday was a packed day whole cow! We had 3 different service opportunities which totaled up to 5-6 hours of service and then taught 4 lessons and in order to do that we had to go on splits haha. Literally all the work from the previous days just got piled up onto Friday and Saturday so it was exhausting. What was nice was we were able to end the day going to the Rawlins last football game with some members so can't complain to much.

Saturday was pretty much the same, a ton of service and some more lessons with like the Carrillos and Grant and Hope and Mel. So a pretty good day all around.

Sunday was a real treat we got to watch the temple dedication at the church and man was it a spiritual experience. I absolutely loved it. Afterwards we went tracting in the jail for like 2 hours and it was actually Elder Jensons first time so it was really fun for me to watch him knock doors haha. After that we went to celebrate a member we are close with's birthday and it was was fun. After that we had our dinner and then went back home for weekly planning and called it a night. 

All in all it's been a interesting week full of driving and teaching and helping different people move. I hope you all enjoyed this and please remember I love you all and hope that I can hear back from you all!

Love Elder Litster

Awesome dinner

Dead bird service

Trainers Meeting



It's official I have a son haha and his name is Elder Jenson. This guy is awesome I'm so relieved that we are getting along so well. I'm not gonna lie I was super nervous and was praying a ton hoping that I would be able to handle being a trainer and to be good at it too. So far it's been going pretty well and I'm very much loving it.

Monday-  We spent the day in Laradise and I got to hand with Elder Underwood and Elder Wilwand and their greenies and I had a lot of fun exploring and playing basketball. That pretty much sums up that day.

Tuesday- So we packed up our stuff and drove all the way down to Fort Collins and that was fun. We got to see Justin Steele there so shout out to you buddy!! He took us to lunch and it was so good to see a familiar face! After we said bye to him we went straight to the mission office and that is where I got to meet Elder Jenson. Saying goodbye to Elder Prescott was pretty hard cause of how well we got along but it was bound to happen. Seeing all the new missionaries was so weird cause I feel like that was me yesterday haha I mean like yeah I've only been out a couple months but still haha it was interesting. After picking up Elder Jenson I was able to meet up with my good friend Elder Mills one of my friends I came out with and that was sweet! We were able to get to Rawlins around 10:30 that night and we were exhausted.

Wednesday-  was the first day for Elder Jenson in the field and it was pretty good I'd say. We got a couple lessons in and I was given to chance to do some training with him which we will be doing every morning for him. It was a bit of a learning process for both of us but it went well and it will continue to get better. He needs a little work with his teaching but I'm not worried one bit.

Thursday-  Thursday was really fun we were able to have a district meeting which was fun seeing Elder Pennington and Elder Vosika. After the meeting we had lunch and then had to run off to service at the DDA helping out at the downtown office (they put together the city events) After that we taught Carmen her recent convert lesson and met with Maria to talk with her son who she wants us to teach.

Friday-  Friday was kinda a slow day, we went tracting and contacting quite a bit and set up a bunch of lessons which was good. We did get a lesson in with Huciel and it was super nice being able to see that guy he is super nice. Training is going good so far and Elder Jenson is opening up and kinda showing his personality and he is pretty funny/sarcastic/clever.

Saturday- Saturday was a blast! Haha we got to meet with Laura the lady who has a super nice house and feeds us all the time! She's doing good and told us how happy and appreciative she is of us. Later on we met Kevin and Logan Monson at the park and threw the football around with them and then taught them the first discussion so that was sweet! See football brings people together lol. After that we had dinner with the Arnold's and the Green's and man I love those families so much. Mom Sister Arnold and Green wanted your number to ask what to make me for my birthday haha but yeah they are my favorite families and I love being with them for dinners or like the football games and all that.

Sunday-  FREAKING AMAZING DAY! We picked up 5 new investigators at church taught the 1st discussion to a mom and her son and have a appointment set up with another family. I am so happy I can't even say how much haha. I am so grateful and know that we will have to work hard to make the most of this but this is gonna be a very good transfer. 

Overall being a trainer so far has been super fun. Calling the shots is interspersing and like I am so excited for what's to come. I love you all so much and hope that I can hear from you all.

Love Elder Litster

Robert is a dad!!!

Elder Litster and Elder Mills


Hey Mom! I'm just gonna jump right into it cause I don't have a ton of time haha.

So another transfer has come and gone. This is crazy I'm done being trained finally and now I guess I'm gonna be training a new missionary fresh off the plane haha. So honestly I am really nervous but I am also really excited. This is gonna be really fun being the senior companion so I'm motivated to get a bunch of work done. It's been a little tough cause we weren't able to get a lot done just a hand full of lessons so I don't have a ton to report on. We are now teaching Carmen the new member lessons and she is loving it. It's gonna be hard saying goodbye to Elder Prescott but we both are gonna be playing new roles. 

Please email me any questions or updates you want to hear haha, next email will be huge due to all that will be taking place. Love you all!

Elder Litster